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Thanks for Asking Your Question!

I Invite You to Get Your Own Digital Personal Journal--with 3D Turning Pages!

   Thank you for visiting my site and asking your question.  I will be answering questions on my blog and sending you emails whenever I post something new. So please make sure you have added  to your email address book, or your list of "safe" emails.

 I would also like to give you a tool that I hope you will enjoy: a FREE Digital Personal Journal.

   This amazing software acts like a diary. Its pages turn like a real diary -- and you can write on it like a real diary -- but it resides on your computer (not online) for your security and privacy. Sprinkled liberally throughout the journal pages are inspirational passages , quotes -- and even music clips you can listen to.

   Digital journals like these are selling for $39.95 or more -- but this one's yours for FREE You will also receive notice when I post on the Abundant Gifts blog, which is designed to help you develop the habit of seeing everyday gifts from a lavish God. (You may unsubscribe at any time.)

   I hope you will enjoy using this for keeping track of your abundant gifts ... or for whatever reason you choose.

Click here to download your free Digital Personal Journal.  

Note: If you have a Mac, the Digital Personal Journal software won't work for you. However, I have an alternative. You can use the eBook Journal. Click here for that. You may also prefer the eBook Journal if you prefer to write things down manually. You can print it out as many times as you like.

Either way, you will have a record of God's goodness and grace in your personal life that you can return to again and again for encouragement.