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Want a Taste of What's Inside Abundant Gifts?

Here's how to sample 5 "Readers' Favorites" from Abundant Gifts.

1. To view the Abundant Gifts Digital Web Book, you must have the DNL Reader (which is like the Adobe Acrobat Reader, but much smaller in size).  If you don't have the DNL Reader yet, you can download this small-size file guaranteed virus-free right here.  Click here or on the icon below, and your DNL Reader will install in just a few seconds. (Once you have it, you can also open the Digital Web Journal once you download that.)

 Get DNL readerIf


2. Now you can click to open the Digital Web Book which includes six stories from Abundant Gifts. Enjoy!


If you want to send the Digital Web Book  to a friend or two to encourage them, simply right-click the image and choose "Send Mail." A little box will pop up into which you can write your recipient's email address and even a message.

Pass on some encouragement!